Get ready for Whisky Month

August is Whisk(e)y Month at BARS&clubs, so along with our normal bar industry coverage, we’ll be bringing readers a whole bunch of extra content around whisk(e)y.

We’ll post an article on whisky every weekday here on our website in the month of August. We’ll look at whisky styles and regions, how to curate a great whisky list, how to upsell whisky, great whisky cocktails, as well as ninja tricks and tips for marketing and selling more whisky in your venues.

The week’s whisky stories will also be collated into a newsletter each Friday, so you can read all about the world of bourbon, Scotch, rye and more – all in one hit!

Whisk(e)y continues to be a hugely important category in Australia, but it’s a complex category too. The more you know about it, the easier it is to sell.

If you want to increase the revenue you generate from whisky, get ready for Whisky Month. We’ve got just the advice, knowledge and inspiration you’re going to need.

It all starts here on the BARS&clubs website on Wednesday 1 August!


Are you a supplier of whisk(e)y? Want to advertise your brand to venue owners and bar managers during Whisky Month?

To discuss August’s special promotional opportunities, contact Andrea Diaz on 02 8586 6123 or email

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