Barcelona and London take over Sydney at Scout

Two of the world’s best bars – London’s Scout, which recently opened an outpost inside The Dolphin, and Two Schmucks from Barcelona – will collide in Sydney tonight (12 March) for one night only.

Moe Aljaf, one half of Two Schmucks – which was awarded Best New European Bar 2018, and placed 87th in the World’s Top 100 – will get behind the stick at the newly opened Sydney venue.

Two Schmucks is described as a “Five Star Dive Bar” and “edgy and alternative” but with the kind of service you’d expect at any of Barcelona’s finer establishments.

After working together on a cocktail project for the Bacardi Legacy contest and finishing 3rd, Moe and partner AJ White moved to Barcelona together, and eventually set up a touring pop-up bar concept called Two Schmucks, which took them all over Europe and the Middle East.

Aljaf will sling his signature Two Schmucks cocktails at the event, including his twist on a mojito, blending Cuban white rum, clairin sajous rhum from Haiti, and a touch of pisco with a special mojito syrup made from two types of sugar, lime peel, star anise, dry mint, Moroccan mint tea, bitters and two dashes of absinthe.

Two Schmucks’ Vesper – mixing gin, vodka, Laphroaig, and bits of pecorino – is also noteworthy, as is the selection of clarified cocktails such as the Matador, blending scotch, cherries, oranges, sweet vermouth and burnt cinnamon.

Aljaf’s shift will run from 6pm-11pm at Scout Sydney, The Dolphin Hotel, tonight.

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