A bar staffed by robotic bartenders landing in Las Vegas

A bar staffed by robotic bartenders will open on the Las Vegas strip at the end of the month.

The ‘Tipsy Robot’ is slated to open its doors on June 30, where patrons will be able to enjoy a variety of cocktails ordered via iPad and mixed by two robotic arms.

According to the Las Vegas Eater, the robots have the capability of pouring 120 drinks per hour. After ordering their cocktail, customers can watch as the robot arms mimic the movements of bartenders as they stir, shake and mix the drinks – also adding garnishes.

Human bartenders will also be on hand for customers wishing for a less sci-fi interaction, and to support the robots in the operation.

“This is entertainment meets futuristic robotic technology and is perfectly positioned in the world’s premier hospitality destination,” said owner Rino Armeni.

“The robots are both entertainers and master mixologists programmed to prepare the perfect cocktail each and every time.

“People will be amazed when they see what these robots can do. It is craftsmanship personified.”

The Harmony of the Seas cruise liner has featured its own robotic bar since 2014, with the ‘Tipsy Robot’ the first land-based venue.

Time will tell how long Australia will remain a bartending robot-free zone.

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