Cocktail Menu: Mikey Enright’s Warner’s Tonica, plus four other Warner’s cocktails

Barrelhouse Group Co-Founder Mikey Enright created nine flavours for Artisan’s range of premium tonics and mixers and also owns famous gin bar, The Barber Shop, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to share his recipe for a Warner’s Tonica.

With huge parts of the country in lockdown, it looks like it’s going to be a very different Father’s Day this year, so why not pick-up a Father’s Day special from your local bar and shake dad one of these delicious cocktails suggested by our friends at Warner’s Gin.

First up the Warner’s Tonica

Mikey originally created this cocktail for Amy Cooper’s Bars March just before COVID struck:


  • – 45ml Warner’s Rhubarb Gin 
  • – 120ml Artisan Pink Citrus Tonic

Method – Build over cubed ice in a Bordeaux glass, and garnish with a lemon wheel, finger lime halves, basil sprig and juniper berries 

Warner’s Breakfast Martini 

A true modern-day classic, first created in 1990s London by Salvatore Calabrese:


  • – 50ml Warner’s London Dry Gin 
  • – 15ml sugar syrup 
  • – 15ml lemon juice 
  • – A generous dollop of marmalade 

Method – Place all the ingredients into a shaker and stir well to dissolve the marmalade. Add ice, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add a twist of orange peel over the drink to garnish and serve with side of buttered toast.

Warner’s Negronis three ways:

A cocktail helping to drive the gin-aissance, the Negroni dates back to 1919 and was a variation on the classic Americano cocktail.

Classic Negroni 


  • – 25ml Warner’s London Dry Gin 
  • – 25ml Campari 
  • – 25ml Sweet Vermouth 

Method – Pour all of the ingredients into an ice-filled mixing glass, stir for 60 seconds and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice, garnish with an orange peel, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Cold-Brew Negroni 

  • – 25ml Warner’s London Dry  
  • – 25ml Coffee Liqueur 
  • – 10ml Campari  
  • – 10ml Sweet vermouth  

Method – Add all ingredients to mixing glass, stir through to chill down, strain into rocks glass with ice  

Chocolate Orange Negroni 

  • – 25ml Warner’s London Gin  
  • – 25ml Campari  
  • – 20ml Grand Marnier  
  • – 20ml Martini Rosso  
  • – 2 Dashes of Chocolate bitters    

Method – Add all ingredients (except bitters) to a mixing glass, stir down, strain into tall glass. Add the chocolate bitters to the finish and garnish with an orange wedge. 

Warner’s Rhubarb Strudel:

Why not try something a little different after dinner with this ultimate dad dessert.


  • – 50ml Warner’s Rhubarb Gin 
  • – 50ml Cloudy Apple Juice 
  • – 25ml Lemon juice 
  • – 20ml Toffee Sauce 

Method – Shake all ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker with ice to create a foam and strain into a Coupette glass; garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg and a slice of apple. 

Warner’s ‘Merlin’ by Brynn Wise / @just.bewise

Brynn wanted to create a refreshing spritz style drink that could be enjoyed outside with friends, while supporting Warner’s stance on sustainability and waste management, using offcuts that would normally be thrown away.


  • – 50ml Warner’s London Dry Gin 
  • – 120ml of English sparkling wine 
  • – 30ml grapefruit juice 
  • – 10ml lemon juice 
  • – 3 sprigs of thyme 
  • – 30ml ‘farmer’s cordial’ – 250ml water, 150g red cabbage, 100g carrot, 1 x red onion skin (no flesh), 2 apple cores. Simmer for 30-40 mins. Strain out solids. Add 125g caster sugar. Stir until dissolved. Freeze in a ziplock bag, then thaw to use when required.

Method – Shake, top with the sparkling wine, pour over cubed ice and garnish with grapefruit zest and thyme sprig.

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