Cocktail Menu: Popcorn Blazer

Popcorn Blazer

At Sydney speakeasy bar Brooksy, service is all about the theatrics, and the Popcorn Blazer cocktail is the star of the show. Popcorn Blazer is a blazed drink, served by heating the mixture and tossing it with fire in front of the customer.

Beverage Director Brendon Hill says: “Heating up and tossing [cocktails] in front of the customer is a very old technique, but something that we thought we could execute well. It’s an absolutely delicious cocktail, sweet and smooth. It’s the hero drink on the menu, and one of the owner’s favourites as well.”

Popcorn Blazer


  • 50ml Benriach 10 Year Old Whisky
  • 10ml Drambuie
  • 10ml popcorn syrup
  • Four to five dashes of walnut bitters


  1. Heat the liquid using a blowtourch
  2. Light on fire once heated and throw, or keep in a saucepan – do not light for more than 10 seconds
  3. Serve warm in a balloon glass
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