Cocktail Menu: Melvin’s Juice Box

The pick of the March menu at Memphis Slim’s House of Blues, according to GM Michael Keogh.

This recipe uses house-made peach acid and banana syrup. Instructions on how to make these ingredients follow the recipe.

Melvin’s Juice Box


  • 30ml Angel’s Envy
  • 30ml Seppeltsfield DP117
  • 50ml acidulated peach juice
  • 20ml banana syrup
  • Garnish with a sumac sherbert covered sesame cracker


  1. Build in the glass by adding the liquid ingredients to a tall glass
  2. Add pebble ice and swizzle until thoroughly mixed and chilled
  3. Top with a little extra pebble ice and garnish with the cracker

Peach Juice is acid modified with a solution affectionately referred to as “Magic Acid” brining it up to the acidity level of a Lemon.

1 Part Citric Acid : 1 Part Tartaric Acid : 2 Part Malic Acid : 16 Part Water

Bananas are over ripened until blackened. The flesh is then blitzed with equal weight Sugar Syrup (1:1) and hung through an oil filter to clarify. This Banana Juice is then further sweetened with an oleo made from the Banana skins.

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