Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry coming to Australia for the first time

Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry will partner with De Kuyper for the upcoming The Works program, a series of inspirational and creative flavour workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Berry, one of Imbibe Magazine’s ‘25 Most Influential Cocktail Personalities of the Past Century’, will host the program alongside Bacardi-Martini Brand Ambassador Peter Hollands, showcasing De Kuyper’s flavour profile as well as the Beachbum’s world-renowned creativity in tropical drinks.

Berry’s original cocktail recipes have been printed in publications around the world, including the Mr. Boston Official Bartenders Guide, and his drinks are now served at his New Orleans restaurant ‘Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29′, which has been named as one of the USA’s best new bars.

Bartenders who attend The Works will have the opportunity to pick up new knowledge across the liqueurs category and learn mixology techniques from Berry and Hollands, while also learning about the history and production of De Kuyper – from its origins as a family owned distillery in Holland to becoming the world’s number one selling liqueur brand.

“I’m really looking forward to my maiden voyage to Australia,” Berry said. “It’s about time, and it’s about Tiki! Thanks to De Kuyper The Works for bringing me down to talk about how to create cutting-edge exotic drinks – and maybe even drink a few.” 

“I’m stoked to be visiting the world-class bars of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that I’ve been hearing about for years now!”

Peter Hollands said the program is all about upskilling bartenders “by hosting educational programs led by the world’s best talent.”

“If there is one industry event you attend this year, make sure it is The Works hosted by the Beachbum.”

2017 will mark the third time that The Works has come to Australia; Beachbum will be following in the footsteps of other industry legends who have starred in the program, including Nicolas Saint-Jean, arno can Eijmeren and most recently Alex Kratena in 2016.

Event Dates:

  • Sydney – Sunday 27 August
  • Brisbane – Tuesday 29 August
  • Melbourne – Wednesday 30 August

For more information or to attend De Kuyper The Works in your city, please contact Peter Hollands on 0420 991 092 or email

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