NMI’s compliance plan aims to build consumer confidence

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The National Measurement Institute has launched its 2019-20 National Compliance Program.

The National Measurement Institute has launched its 2019-20 National Compliance plan, which will incorporate licensed premises and aims to instil confidence in consumers.

The NMI said its annual nationwide compliance program will ensure all Australians are getting what they pay for, so it is crucial venue operators and managers understand the measures they are pouring are correct, as the fines can be huge.

In terms of licensed premises, the NMI said: “This program will focus on the sale of beer and prescribed spirits in licensed premises to ensure consumer are receiving correct measure.”

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said: “Whether it’s filling up at the fuel pump or buying groceries at the supermarket, the Morrison Government is putting retailers on notice.

“The NMI and its audits play an important role in maintaining a level playing field so consumers can shop with confidence.

“We recognise that most businesses want to do the right thing and will usually quickly correct any errors, but where we find severe or persistent offenders we can impose fines or initiate prosecutions.”

NMI’s compliance programs in 2019-20 will involve visits to 10,000 businesses, testing 10,000 measuring instruments, inspecting 70,000 lines of packaged goods, and making 1000 ‘secret shopper’ trial purchases.

The NMI can issue infringement notices with fines of $1050 per offence. If the case is serious enough to warrant prosecution, the maximum fines are $210,000 per offence as a company or $42,000 per offence as an individual.

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