Underground Spirits embraces World Caramel Day

On 5 April Underground Spirits Australia is celebrating World Caramel Day at the Little National Hotel, showcasing its Vodka with Caramel as part of a new nationwide sales push.

At the event, the Canberra-based spirits company will be serving up a Caramel Espresso Martini on tap, alongside its Limited Edition Coronation Gin for the King.

Underground Spirits CEO, Claudia Roughley, commented on the occasion.

“What better way to celebrate our expansion vision than with our distinctive and delicious Vodka with Caramel this World Caramel Day. Imagine a smooth, premium vodka with the sweetness of caramel – this spirit is a real indulgence,” Roughley says.

“You can drink it neat, over ice or enjoy in a vodka martini to add a new dimension to this cocktail classic that is now on tap at the Little National.”

Underground Spirits Distiller, Stewart Dobson, provided some detail on the production of this spirit.

“We use caramel that is made for us in Queensland and fold it thoroughly into the vodka to give it its smooth, sweet flavour – and none of this is lost in our Caramel Espresso Martini on tap, which effortlessly replicates the premium taste that is synonymous with all our Underground Spirits.”

See the recipe for the cocktail below.

Roughley also hailed the success of the tap machine in recreating the premium cocktail experience.

“Thanks to our sleek machine, we can consistently serve the perfect Underground Caramel Espresso Martini. It pours a perfectly cold, smooth and indulgent cocktail in seconds – no more waiting eons for a mixologist to do the job,” she said.

At the event, caramel-inspired canapes will be on offer, including: slow cooked pork belly with caramel vodka, chilli, ginger amd shallots; caramel vodka drunken king prawns; brulee tart; and a spectacular chocolate tart with caramel vodka foam.

The spirit will also be on show at this year’s Royal Easter Show.

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