Melbourne is great, Sydney not so much

Time Out International has run the numbers in its inaugural Time Out Global Cities Index survey and it is official: Sydney is the worst and Melbourne is pretty great.

Alyx Gorman, editorial director of Time Out Australia, hits the nail on the head when she says: “What makes a city a brilliant place to live? Is it friendly locals? An inspiring cultural scene? Affordability? Yes, yes and sort of. The bad news is, Sydneysiders don’t feel like we’ve got any of those things going on at the moment. We’re drunk, horny and miserable.”


So how did they figure this out? Well the Time Out Global Cities Index survey has polled over 20,000 people, from 18 different cities around the world.

The results are brutal: “Of the 18 cities surveyed, Sydney came in at number 16 on the Index. Only Dubai and Kuala Lumpur residents have less fun than we do.”

Melbourne however, came second only to Chicago.

However, apparently the Lockout Laws aren’t putting a dampener on people’s desire to go out and make the most of our stellar bar scene during the hours officially mandated by Big Brother.

“It turns out going hard and going home with each other are our specialities,” says Gorman. “Sydney is the one of the world’s top cities for hangovers (looks like that bedtime curfew isn’t working).”

Which we guess makes up for the fact that, of all 18 cities, Sydney was dead last in the sections regarding dynamism and sociability.

You can check out all the results here: Time Out Global Cities Index


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