Brookie’s releases on-premise exclusive bulk format gin

Brookie's gin

In response to the Federal Government’s continual increases on spirits tax, Cape Byron Distillery has released a new on-premise exclusive, Brookie’s Excise Strength Gin.

Excise Strength is only available in a bulk format, with the distillery creating a unique 15-litre ‘jug-in-a-box’ helping to reduce the environmental impact and packaging costs, and passing those savings onto the venue.

The result is a premium Australian gin at a competitive price point that also helps with saving the planet.

Eddie Brook, Co-Founder and Distiller at Cape Byron Distillery said: “Our goal is for Excise Strength Gin to create momentum for change to our unsustainable and archaic excise system. Spirits are unfairly taxed compared to other alcohols in Australia, and the producers and venue owners in our industry feel the brunt of this discriminatory spirit tax.

“If we can inspire conversation in our industry and with government whilst sipping on a delicious Brookie’s G&T in hand, then we’d be pretty happy with that.

“We set out to craft a perfectly balanced gin for the modern Australian cocktail bar. In order to do this the spirit had to stand up when stirred down in a Martini, shaken in a Southside, or mixed in a Gin and Tonic and that was our one goal.”

The core botanicals in Excise Strength include juniper, pink grapefruit, coriander seed, native raspberry, and macadamia. While the gin was made for premium pre-batched cocktails, Brook spoke about the challenges in creating a gin at a lower ABV that still delivers on taste and versatility.

“With reducing the alcohol content you take away some of the mouthfeel and punch that comes with the gin, as the alcohol is a great carrier for flavour. For this, we went back to basics to create a Brookie’s gin recipe that could stand up on its own or mixed in classic cocktails, and we are extremely happy with the finished gin.”

The creation of the 15-litre jug comes as no surprise for Cape Byron, with the innovative solution for the reduction of packaging waste fitting into the sustainability values of the B-Corp certified distillery.

Each box contains approximately 22x700ml bottles, which means a 14kg reduction of glass bottle waste, and the cardboard box and jug are both 100 per cent kerbside recyclable. But the distillery said before throwing the jugs out venues can consider using them for pre-batching bulk cocktails as each one comes with an easy-to-use screw-on tap system that will minimise leaks and wastage.

Admitting that a 15-litre box might not be the handiest size for most venues, Eddie explained the distillery’s solution.

“We have provided a six pack of empty 700ml bottles with excise strength labels for venues that decided to range the 15L gin to reuse and refill to make life easier for service behind the bar.

“The packaging and pourer has been designed to be sturdy, no leaks and this would most likely be filled before service to reduce downtime, no different from opening a new bottle.

“Bars across Australia are moving to pre-batched programmes and the vessels will no doubt be used to support these programmes. I truly believe that the industry will move towards bulk pour spirits and we are excited to be a part of this movement.”

Having put Excise Strength Gin to the taste, Eddie shared his signature serve.

“The go to is a G&T with a pink grapefruit slice, or our favourite gin-based cocktail, a Negroni with a twist of grapefruit.”

Brookie’s 38 per cent ABV, Excise Strength Gin, 15-litre box is now available through ALM connect, Paramount and direct through the distillery.

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