World-first, shelf-stable cold brew launches

Local cocktail coffee and spirits producers, Onyx Coffee Spirits, have added another string to their bow with the world-first, shelf-stable cold brew: Onyx ‘Spiked’ coffee cold brew.

They describe the product as “adding extra versatility to a bartenders mixing setup”. The 12% ABV cold brew comes packaged in 750ml bartender-friendly bottles, which fit directly into the speed-rail and are designed to save fridge space.

Boasting the same advantages as the original Onyx Coffee Pure, ‘Spiked’ eliminates issues such as wastage, inconsistency, and poor quality coffee, with the extra advantage of being shelf-stable. Additionally, the subtle base spirit ingredient allowing Onyx’s premium coffee flavours to shine through.

Onyx MD and co-founder Matt Faulkner says that national demand has been on the cards for a while now, and ‘Spiked’ allows the company to get its premium Onyx Cold Brew into the hands of these customers.

“Our Cold Brews use no preservatives or additives to deliver the best flavour possible for mixing coffee cocktails.

“We know that good bar managers and licensees want a reliable and consistent product which we pride ourselves on delivering,” he says.


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