The mission to find Australia’s favourite tonic

The rise and rise in popularity of gin all the over world is well documented and the most popular serve remains gin and tonic, but what is Australia’s favourite tonic?

In a bid to find out, The Gin Queen, aka Caroline Childerley is embarking on The Great Tonic Taste Off, in partnership with Citadelle Gin. Over the coming months, and starting in Perth Childerley will conduct a number of ‘taste-offs’ that will see people blind tasting a range of popular tonics and then being asked to vote on their favourites.

“I’m constantly tasting gins and tonics and writing about them as part of my job, so I thought it would be fun to ask the great Aussie gin-lover to pick their favourite instead,” Childerley said.

Guests at each event will be judging six different tonics in a blind-tasting situation, giving marks for carbonation, flavour and how each one mixes with gin.

“The sessions themselves are designed to be fun but there is a serious side to this tour too. The scores will be totted up at the end and each city will reveal a winner. It will be interesting to see if there are different regional preferences and whether in fact the premium tonics outshine more mainstream brands,” she added.

The first event takes place in Perth on 21 July and will be followed by Brisbane on 4 August, Melbourne on 11 August, Adelaide on 18 August, Sydney on 22 September and finally Canberra on 29 September.

Full details on locations and how to get tickets for the sessions are available through The Gin Queen’s website.

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