Margarita Mixology Masterclass

Los Vidas in Sydney is taking its tequila education of customers to the next level, launching Margarita Mixology Masterclasses.

The events will be held in the upstairs Cantina of the venue, and will teach customers that margaritas are not something that should come out of a slurpee machine, according to co-founder Octavio Gomez-Haro.

“As part of our commitment to authenticity we are really excited to launch our Margarita Masterclass series. The experience will provide our guests with the real Mexican deal, so no frozen-machine-Tex-Mex style slushies, rather margaritas the way you’d drink them in Mexico,” he says.

Run by the venue’s dedicated Tequila and Mezcal Sommelier, the program continues the bar restaurants efforts to educate Sydney-siders around the delicate nuances of tequila and mezcal as well their cocktail potential.

Each session will see punters spending a Saturday afternoon learning how to make two most iconic margaritas – The Classico Margarita and Tommy’s Margarita. As well as taking part in a “Mystery Box Challenge” to create their own Mexican inspired cocktail – with the winner taking away a prize voucher.

Each session is $65 and limited to 16 people, meaning that they are quite intimate, giving consumers a chance to really learn something about agave mixology.

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