Food Matching 101: Cocktails

With Sean Forsyth, Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador

  1. There has to be a link

Create experiences that encompass not just flavour, but texture as well. The food and the cocktail must have a relationship, they have to come together where the experience becomes the sum of its parts.

  1. Look overseas for inspiration

For simplicity you cannot look past the Italian aperitivo tradition and the Spanish tapas culture. A Bombay Sapphire Negroni served with antipasti is such a simple and enjoyable way to match cocktails and food as well as a fantastic way to start an evening. You also cannot go past a goblet of Gin Tonica, garnished with imagination, and served alongside Spanish olives or Espinacas a la Catalana (a Catalan dish of spinach, pine nuts and raisins).

  1. Do your research at home

I love fresh seafood like oysters and scallops served with a frozen shot of Star of Bombay – check out the Beaufort in Melbourne when they do there Sunday Shuckers event, it’s epic. I also can’t beat an expertly crafted Tom Collins served alongside kingfish ceviche – it will change your worldview.

  1. Avoid common pitfalls

Before you serve it to the customer you have to taste it. The most important element is tasting the food and the cocktail together and really embracing the experience. Don’t just think about how the flavours work but also the taste, the texture, the temperature and finally the balance/seasoning. It’s not good enough to a have a little bite and a sip and say that works, you need to enjoy the full experience to make sure that everything works together.

  1. Get online

Use all the tools and resources available to you such as

  1. Most importantly

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

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