Ama-Rat-o Sour, anyone?

A pop-up ‘Rat Bar’ in San Francisco slated for mid-June, bringing together live rats and rat-themed cocktails like the Ama-Rat-o Sour, is turning heads online.

The host venue, The San Francisco Dungeon – a tourist attraction and ‘live action journey through the city’s murky past’ – has history in this area, having hosted a similar ‘Rat Café’ back in 2017.

For $49.99 USD, guests can enjoy a Sour garnished with a ‘rat’s tail’ on arrival, before enjoying the 60-minute interactive show that is the venue’s main attraction.

Emerging from the attraction, guests will have 30 minutes to ‘canoodle’ with the real-life rodents and mingle with other rat lovers, before raising a toast to their new furry friends at a cash bar.

“Let’s be honest – pastries and coffee were nice and all when we hosted the Rat Café but that was a lot of work,” says Matthew Clarkson, regional head of marketing for West Coast Midway Attractions, North America, Merlin Entertainments Group (parent company of The San Francisco Dungeon).

“We thought, ‘F it. This time, get drunk, see our show, touch rats and get drunk some more.”

Nightmare or cute day out – it’s all a matter of perspective, really.

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