Get involved with Fireball’s Father’s Day fun

Fireball Whisky is known for doing things a little differently and this Father’s Day they are doing it again, offering dads who get new socks the chance to swap them for a shot of Fireball at selected bars.

There are a dozen bars already signed up, who will have a Fireball Sock Pit in their venues, and the brand is looking for more to join in.

Fireball’s Senior Brand Manager, Jon Prew, told Bars and Clubs: “Gifting your beloved patriarch a pair of new socks is basically the equivalent of saying, “Hey Dad, I love you… but, not as much as Mum.

“How much longer can this cruel injustice go on, we ask? For Mother’s Day, Mum gets a day spa. Or a new handbag. Or high tea in some over-priced city hotel.

“But Dad? No, Dad gets socks. Boring, stupid, unimaginative socks.

“Well, no longer. Here at Fireball Whisky, we’re so jack-shit of socks we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Prew said that while there are a dozen bars already signed up Fireball are keen to have more join in the Father’s Day fun, and so answered any questions you might have about what’s involved.

How long does the sock-amnesty period last?
“From September 1 (Father’s Day) to September 7. After that, the bartender will just laugh at you.”

Do my Father’s Day socks have to be brand-new?
“Yes. The bouncers have strict instructions to turn away anyone submitting socks with holes in them.”

Are you allowed to be wearing the new socks when you come in to the bar?
“Ideally not. Unless they’re your only pair.”

What will you use my socks for?
“None of your business. Do you ask your teenage son what he uses the dirty socks by his bed for, huh?”

No, really. What will you use the socks for?
“Sigh… if you must know, Fireball plan to use every sock donated to make play-toys for dogs living in shelters and dog homes. Yes, really. We’re not kidding.”

Anything else?
“If we like the patterns on your hoof-warmers enough, we might turn some of them into sock-puppets. It’s how we entertain ourselves at Fireball HQ. We even make funny voices.”

What if I was planning on sending my socks to 2GB management so they could shove them down Alan Jones’ throat?
“Bravo! We admire your style, grasshopper. Yes, that’s arguably a much better idea except… you’d miss out on your FREE shot of Fireball Whisky. So, yeah… maybe don’t?”

There are currently 12 bars signed up as part of the promotion, and any bar interested in also taking part can contact their local SouthTrade International representative to find out more.

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