Cocktail Menu: Sydney Almost Gibson

Sydneysiders can head to the Swinging Cat Bar on World Vodka Day to sample the Sydney Almost Gibson, a cocktail crafted by Simon Rose-Hopkins.

“This all Australian affair was designed to bring some savoury notes to the classic gin-based Gibson Martini, using Idle Hour Unfiltered Vodka partnered with Regal Rouge Daring Dry Vermouth.

“It amplifies the spiced full-bodied flavours of the vodka, giving a bold taste, much like Sydney. Paired with the quintessential pickled cocktail onion, it is the perfect martini for a hot Sydney summers day or a cold winters night.”

Sydney Almost Gibson


  • 60ml Idle Hour Unfiltered Vodka
  • 10ml Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth
  • Optional: 5ml pickled onion cocktail brine


  1. Stir all ingredients down over ice
  2. Pour into a classic, chilled martini glass
  3. Garnish with classic Australian Rosella pickled cocktail onions
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