French ginger beer with a chilli bite

Pimento BouteillePimento is a spicy ginger beer drink from Paris, France that was first made in 2009. The drink is ginger and chilli flavoured with low amounts of sugar.

“I’d always liked strong drinks – those which you can feel burning your lips, palate and throat, but then one day I decided I was going give up drinking alcohol. I looked everywhere for a strong but non-alcoholic beverage, and soon realised that one didn’t exist so I decided to create my own,” says Eric Dalsace, owner and founder of Pimento. “I remember going all over Paris to buy roots, flavours, spices, cordials, fruits, chilli pepper and juices for me to experiment with in my kitchen laboratory at home.

“After many sessions of blending different ingredients the breakthrough came one night. I poured a full-flavoured, sensual liquid from my mixing bowl and drank my magical creation – totally delicious; sweet yet beautifully spicy on my taste buds. The discovery of Pimento: Sweet like a soda, intense like a spirit, is now available for everyone to enjoy.”

It’s a great paired with spicy exotic food and it should always be served very cold.

Pimento mixes well with rum, tequila and vodka and there’s no end to the amount of tasty drinks you can make with it.

Pimento soft drink, 250ml, is available from Cerbaco.

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