Diageo launches new campaign

By Andy Young, editor TheShout

Diageo Australia has launched its latest responsible drinking campaign, which will appear in pubs, bars and clubs in New South Wales and Queensland from Christmas.

The new campaign is called “Know Your Standards” and seeks to educate drinkers on how much alcohol is in their favourite drink. It encourages consumers to understand the amount of alcohol in an average schooner of beer, glass of wine or serve of spirit.

Diageo Australia corporate relations and legal director, Kylie McPherson, said the campaign will help consumers understand the amount of alcohol they are drinking, regardless of the type of beverage.

“When it comes to responsible drinking, we know that it’s not about what type of alcohol a consumer chooses that matters, it’s how much alcohol they’re consuming,” McPherson said.

“Our Know Your Standards campaign prompts consumers to think about how much alcohol they are consuming while they’re at the point of purchase, in pubs and clubs.”

The campaign, which will feature high impact posters, drink coasters and digital screens, will run during the peak holiday season for six weeks from Christmas to Australia Day in 72 venues across NSW and Queensland.

Know Your Standards is part of Diageo’s Don’t See a Great Night Wasted program, which the company has promoted since 2013.

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