Alex Kratena and Monica Berg announce new London venue

Internationally renowned bartenders Alex Kratena and Monica Berg have announced their plans to unveil an ambitious new venue in London in 2019.

Tayer + Elementary will feature two separate bar concepts as well as a creative workspace: Tayer, a progressive bar “focused on what is inside the glass and on the plate”; Elementary, a casual all-day bar, serving simple seasonal drinks and snacks, and Outthink, a creative studio and communal table for up to 10 guests.

The launch will be Kratena and Berg’s first bar as owners, and the first bar project from Kratena since he left his position as head bartender at Artesian – where he led the team to global success until his departure in 2015.

Situated a stone’s throw from Old Street Roundabout in central London, the new venue will feature a simple, clean design, built using natural materials – bringing together “Scandi-functionality”, Japanese minimalism and “a playful slice of punk”.

Kratena and Berg have spent over three years developing their concept, part of which has seen them evaluate each aspect of the ‘traditional’ bar from service and serves to design and work stations. By challenging and evaluating the efficiency, functionality and subsequent end result, the duo aim to implement forward-thinking and pioneering methods to streamline the bar experience for staff as well as guests.

At Tayer, for example, the centre of the bartenders’ workspace will feature a completely new and innovative bar station, the result of a collaboration between the duo and Norwegian design studio Behind Bars.

The Tayēr bar station has been designed to constantly change according to the needs of the modern bartender, taking into consideration efficiency, flexibility and storage maximisation. The equipment, tools and produce can be placed anywhere based on concept, season, ingredients or any other individual needs, bringing the philosophy of the flexible working space behind bars.

Kratena and Berg will also unveil their own spirits, beers and soft drinks at the new venue, served alongside a selection of products from interesting wine and sake producers, breweries and distilleries.

Tayer + Elementary is slated to open in Spring 2019 (northern hemisphere).

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