Young Henry’s unveils Noble Cut Gin

Australian brewery Young Henry’s is turning its talented hands to distillation with the launch of its new product Noble Cut Gin. Made from a 100% grain base, fermented at the Young Henry’s Brewery and distilled in Sydney within a new 20 plate, 2000L distillery imported from the US, the gin will retain a London Dry style but with local flourishes such as a new varietal hop from Tasmania called Enigma, which adds a flinty white wine characteristic reminiscent of Chablis to the profile. Further native nods see the inclusion of pepper berry and bush tomato, along with cascara (the skins of the coffee pods) from friends of Young Henry’s at Toby Estate, and locally grown Sencha tea from Perfect South. With a light, floral perfume and spicy notes, the preferred garnish to complement Noble Cut is ruby grapefruit and thyme. The gin will initially be available in hand-picked bars and for takeaway at the brewery with further distribution to follow.

Distributed by Young Henry’s.

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