Cocktail Menu: Papaya Pit-Stop

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne this weekend, Bomba Bar’s Cara Devine has devised a new cocktail in honour of racer Oscar Piastri’s home debut.

The drink was developed as part of a multi-year partnership between Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and McLaren Racing, and is based upon the modern classic Paper Plane cocktail.

Introducing the drink, Cara said: “The Papaya Pit-Stop was crafted using fresh fruits from local producers to create a unique and delicious taste. In flavour, it is fruity, aromatic, fresh and zesty.”

“The orange colour comes from the fusion of papaya, rosé vermouth and classic Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. To finish off this bold drinking experience, it’s infused with bittersweet and spicy flavours, representing the heat and excitement of the racetrack.

“There’s always such a buzz in Melbourne ahead of the race and we hope Formula 1 fans enjoy trying it out as we cheer for one of our own taking to the track at Albert Park for the first time,” Cara continued.

Ale Alvarez, Senior Brand Manager for Jack Daniel’s Australia, commented on both the cocktail and the collaboration with McLaren.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Cara Devine and Bomba Bar to create this bespoke serve. The Papaya Pit-Stop is a unique way for Melburnians and those visiting the city to join in and toast the McLaren Formula 1 Team ahead of the big weekend,” Ale said.

“For us at Jack Daniel’s, it’s a truly a momentous occasion debuting our partnership with McLaren Formula 1 Team this race weekend – and we’re pulling out all stops both on and off the circuit. We’re committed to using this global activation platform to champion responsible drinking.”

See the recipe below.

Papaya Pit STop


  • 40ml Jack Daniels
  • 15ml rosé vermouth
  • 15ml papaya amaro
  • 5ml Aperol
  • 20ml lemon juice


  1. Garnish a large coupe or flute glass (optional): dehydrate papaya seeds and blitz in a spice grinder. Use a wedge of grapefruit to mark a racing ‘stripe’ on your glass and dab in the seeds, shaking off any excess
  2. Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker
  3. Add ice and shake hard for 12 seconds
  4. Double strain into the prepared glass
  5. Additionally garnish with a grapefruit twist, with oils expressed over the glass
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