Aussie distillers descend on Adelaide

By Mitchell Stapleton-Coory, Bellr

The burgeoning craft spirits industry was in top form at this year’s Australian Distillers Association (ADA) conference in Adelaide recently. In this story from BARS&clubs’ Summer issue, Bellr’s Mitchell Stapleton-Coory wrapped up the key takeaways from the two-day, three-night affair.

Representatives from Australia’s finest and most innovative distilleries all convened in the South Australian capital for a mammoth two day and three-night event, spanning dinner at the prestigious Sean’s Kitchen, a full day of keynote addresses and industry discussions at the Adelaide Convention Centre, a curated distillery tour of the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills, and capped off in style with cocktails at Prohibition Liquor Co in the CBD.

Chaired by the charismatic ADA president and Four Pillars co-founder Stuart Gregor, the event exceeded expectations with a record turnout for 2018.

“The turnout was great, the calibre of speakers was excellent, and I think there is a real sense of camaraderie and buoyancy in the craft spirits industry at the moment – a sense that people are in for something interesting and exciting”, said Gregor.

The conference spanned a wide range of interesting topics, and at many points drew impassioned conversation from the crowd as the delegation presented a united front on issues such as excise reform, and the importance of including distilleries as an integral part of the Australian culinary experience.

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