‘Tennessee Sessions’ kick off at PS40

Jack Daniel’s is excited to bring the first of many Tennessee Sessions to the Australian bartending community, kicking off in Sydney next Monday (19 February).

Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s are also thrilled to announce that they’ll be partnering with PS40’s Michael Chiem for the first Tennessee Session, where the industry legend will share his knowledge and passion with his fellow professionals.

Nick Havers, Gentleman Jack and Super Premiums Brand Manager at Brown-Forman Australia, told BARS&clubs that the Tennessee Sessions are designed to bring best-in-class bartender experiences and knowledge to bartenders across all states of Australia.

“The idea of the Tennessee Sessions is to really educate and help inspire the bartending community,” Havers explained.

“We’re going to be doing them each in each state, and we’re going to be partnering with industry legend Michael Chiem – 2016 Bartender of the Year – who’s got a huge amount of credibility in the industry.

“His bar PS40 is really the ‘buzz bar’ at the moment, everybody wants a piece of it. So he’s going to talk to bartenders about how it is he came to open PS40, and the care and focus he’s given to creating such a unique point of difference in the very cluttered bar space.

“He’ll also go into what it takes to start your own venue, adn some of the things he’s learnt along the way… essentially just educating and telling his story in terms of how he got to where he is today.”

While the sessions are supported by Jack Daniel’s, the focus will be on learning from Chiem rather than brand awareness. However, as Havers points out: “Michael does amazing colas, and he’ll be able to present his take on the Jack and coke, which is one of the most bar-called drinks around Australia.”

Following the session at PS40 next Monday, subsequent Tennessee Sessions will be held at Boilermaker House Melbourne (27 February), The Bowery in Brisbane on 20 March, and Perth on 10 April (venue TBC).

Bartenders and industry professionals who wish to attend the Tennessee Session in their city can contact their state’s Brown-Forman brand ambassador.

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