Adelaide Hills Distillery releases ‘Sunset’ gin

By Rachel Clark

Adelaide Hills Distillery has announced the newest addition to its range of spirits: a pink gin inspired by remote Australian sunsets.

‘78 Degrees Sunset Gin’ is the first of its style for the distillery, and incorporates both native Australian flavours as well as European ingredients.

The flavour profile of the gin consists of bursting tones of strawberry gum, bush apple adding an herbaceous tang with floral undertones of raspberries, rhubarb and plum adding layers and complexity.

78 Degrees merges the Australian landscape and culture through a series of ingredients combined together, creating a shade of pink with added undertones of purple inspired by the colour of the Australian sunset.

The gin has been developed to create minimal impact upon the environment just as the company has traditionally done in the past.

“The last few years we’ve seen a real shift towards quality products so we were excited to embark on this journey of making a craft pink gin and strengthening our spirit offering in this category,” explains Tobias Kline, co-founder of Adelaide Hills Distillery.

“We’ve continued to keep sustainability at the forefront and as with all our spirits, crafted 78 Degrees Sunset Gin with minimal environmental impact by using our renowned 78-degree distillation process which involves individually vaporising every ingredient to achieve consistency and creates a gin that is alike that of rose wine rather than being overtly juniper heavy.”

Nikki Daven, Brand Manager at SouthTrade International for Adelaide Hills Distillery, has also expressed great joy regarding the release of the 78-Degree Sunset Gin and its addition to the SouthTrade portfolio.

“It’s a great opportunity to speak to trends towards lighter style drinking options, with a spirit that is locally produced and encapsulates the botanical flavoured profile of craft gins, from an award-winning distillery,” Daven said.

Paired best with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and garnished with a lime wedge, 78 Degrees Sunset Gin will be available in July at $74.99 RRP.

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