How ecoSPIRITS works

ecoTOTE - Grain Bar, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

ecoSPIRITS is a closed-loop spirits distribution service, which is targeting a reduction in the use of single-use glass and the elimination of packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain.

Founded in Singapore by Paul Gabie in 2018, ecoSPIRITS was developed to reduce the production costs and carbon footprint of spirits that is tied up in the production, packaging and transportation of millions of bottles all over the world.

The ecoSPIRITS system creates a closed-loop distribution system built by ecoTOTES – a fully-reusable, tamper-proof and shock-proof 4.5L reusable glass vessel that replaces the standard 6-bottle case of spirits – and ecoPLANT – small footprint, semi-automated facilities that process spirits by sanitising, refilling and sealing ecoTOTES. The ecoTOTE in the picture above is one being used at Grain Bar, Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

After use, ecoTOTES are returned to a local ecoPLANT for refilling, creating a closed-loop that can service a large city and adjacent suburban areas.

This year alone over 40 billion single-use glass spirits bottles will be produced generating 22 million tons of carbon emissions, with a huge environmental impact. While glass recycling is increasingly popular, this does still consume 50 per cent of the energy required to produce a new glass bottle.

Through reducing these monetary and environmental costs ecoSPIRITS can offer dramatic cost savings over existing spirit purchases in traditional glass formats. And with brands including Plantation Rum, Tried & True Vodka, Widges Gin, Arquitecto Tequila and Mackintosh Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, as well as more coming, there is no compromise on quality.

“This kind of technology is all about re-thinking the way we do things in our industry that can make a real and tangible difference in so many ways,” says Paul Broadbent General Manager of Proof & Company Australia. “It has been extremely well received from small and large venues alike across the city’s we have launched in and Melbourne is no exception. Melbourne hospitality is famous for so many reasons – we are now also helping them be famous for a more sustainable future.”

Since its soft launch in January 2020, ecoSPIRITS has been welcomed with open arms by the Australian bar community. At a time of ever increasing awareness around single use waste, and the potential for long-term, devasting impact on Australian quality of life through global warming, venues are taking active steps to play their part in a more sustainable future – reducing carbon footprint, eliminating single use plastic straws, reusing fresh ingredients, and re-thinking packaging and other waste.

ecoSPIRITS is a comprehensive carbon neutral, or low carbon, pouring spirits program that delivers a quantifiable environment improvement for venues, while delivering quality products.

You can be part of a process that saves glass waste at the rate of 550g per spirit bottle consumed, eliminating 35,000 glass bottles or 19,250kg of carbon emissions annually.

To find out more and help your bar do its bit for the environment contact Proof & Company.

See the ecoTOTES in action, in these videos below:

Widges Gin

Never Never Gin

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