A Modern Blue Drink – The Heisenberg

Not all blue drinks are retro or twists on old classics. Some are very modern inventions. At a competition in Germany, Arno van Eijmeren, global brand ambassador for De Kuyper, collaborated with a number of bartenders to create the Heisenberg, inspired by the hit TV series Breaking Bad and the main character Heisenberg’s blue crystal meth. The cocktail is now served at van Eijmeren’s bar ‘Dr.’ in Rotterdam, Holland.

“Blue drinks are back,” declares van Eijmeren. “That’s how we see it.”

The drink mixes 40ml of Del Maguey Crème de Mezcal (a nod to Breaking Bad’s Mexican storyline), 15ml of De Kuyper Blue Curaçao, 20ml of fresh lime and 5ml of orgeat. Shake with ice, fine strain into a chilled glass and garnish with grapefruit zest.

“When we make the drink we put on the Mexican song telling the story about Heisenberg from the series,” van Eijmeren adds. “We put on sunglasses when we serve it. Heisenberg started making meth because he needed the money, so we garnish the drink with some American dollars served alongside it. People love it.”

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