Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar opening soon

We all know that the no and low alcohol trend has been gaining momentum for some time now, in an Australian first, one bar is meeting that trend in a whole new way.

Brunswick Aces Distillery is serving up the best tastes that alcoholic beverages have to offer, but with zero per cent alcohol content. The Brunswick Aces Bar, due to open in April 2021, is being established to perfectly cater for non-drinkers.

CEO and Co-founder of Brunswick Aces Distillery and soon to be father Stephen Lawrence said the need for Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar was devised out of sympathy for other people going through pregnancy. Lawrence’s partner and co-founder of Brunswick Aces, Diana Abelardo also drew inspiration from their customers, who regularly explain the limited choices for non-alcoholic beverages at on-premise locations.

“Diana is eight months pregnant with our first child. We found through her pregnancy that the bar and restaurant experience suddenly wasn’t what it was, with Diana stuck for a decent list to choose from. So that also sped up our decision to open the bar this year,” Lawrence explained to Bars and Clubs.

“We started the Brunswick Aces Distillery back in 2017, making Australia’s first non-alcoholic sapiir. We’ve grown steadily since then and seen great growth in overseas markets like Dubai, Singapore and New Zealand, as well as domestically.

“We hear from our customers regularly that they can’t find good quality non-alc drinks in the bars and restaurants around the country, and when they do the choice is limited. Everyone should feel welcome and catered for, so we’re leading the charge to become a hub for those wanting to try an array of non-alcoholic drinks.

“We’d even welcome bar and restaurant owners to come down so they can try before they put it on their own menus to showcase the quality and range out there.”

The venue is estimated to hold a 150-person capacity on Weston St in Brunswick East. It will offer a dedicated space for non-drinkers to enjoy an extensive list of specially curated drinks and cocktails.

Diana Abelardo constructing one of the many non-alcoholic cocktails.

The menu will feature a host of sober takes on classic cocktails, like the Negroni, Espresso Martini, Tom Collins and the simple G&T, as well as a range of premium beers and wines from around the world.

Lawrence added: “We’re turning the traditional bar on its head. The demand for quality non-alcoholic drinks has been increasing year on year across the country, so the time is right for an offering that puts those choosing not to drink first.

“Our customers tell us that some premium bars and restaurants have started to put real thought behind their alcohol alternatives, but the wider industry is taking longer to catch up.

“We want to lead the charge by opening The Brunswick Aces Bar and deliver delicious non-alcoholic choices that don’t compromise on taste. Everything we serve will be zero per cent alcohol, with our contemporary cocktail list designed to thrill any palate, and not a fruit juice mocktail in sight.”

With the bar area currently being fitted out, the team has also been busy installing the distillery equipment into the new premises. This means once the bar is open, patrons will have a front row seat to watch the operation in action.

Brunswick Aces Bar interior concept design.

The Brunswick Aces ethos is to make everyone feel welcome, so alcohol drinkers won’t be left out, they will have the single option of a gin and tonic, created using the brand’s two Brunswick Aces Spades Gin and Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin blends. A cheeky nod to the long history of non-drinkers not properly being well catered for in traditional venues.

The bar, looking at its own sales of non-alcoholic sapiir, are predicting predominantly female clientele, but will be stocking a large number of quality zero per cent beers and wines for men as well. It is also expecting its design will lend itself to “sober curious” drinkers coming to visit.

“Time will tell, but the bar is also designed to be neutral so everyone will feel comfortable and welcome. We also expect a lot of sober curious people coming in to try drinks, so we hope to inspire them to go away and try making the drinks for themselves. It’s why the front of our bar is transparent so patrons can watch how we make everything,” Lawrence said.

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