Are cocktail names putting off customers?

Porn Star Martini

While crafting cocktails and new recipes is an art that requires skill, precision, palate and patience, coming up with the accompanying name is perhaps less so.

It’s an opportunity to display articulate cunning, deliver a delicious pun and have some fun with words. If you are a logodaedalus (thanks Google), then creating a cocktail name is your time to shine.

But a survey in the UK has found that, finally, the time of the sexually suggestive name for cocktails could be coming to an end.

UK travel company Travel Republic found that as consumers are getting increasingly ‘woke’ and conscious of their behaviour, this is leading to seeking out more mindful nightlife experiences and an increasing desire to avoid causing offence.

As part of this the survey found that 29 per cent of people disapprove of suggestive cocktail names such as Sex on the Beach and Porn Star Martini, and with 79 per cent saying that a cocktail bar is a favourite feature in a hotel, it highlights the importance of being classy over crude.

The survey also found other unacceptable behaviours included showing off expensive hotel rooms on Instagram, wearing indigenous clothing and haggling over prices.

Travel Republic’s Managing Director, Frank Rejwan, said: “We are living in ‘woke’ times, as we become more conscious of our behaviours and seek out more mindful experiences. This research has shown holidays are no exception to the rule.”

The research was published to promote Travel Republic’s ‘Woke Collection’ of environmentally sustainable hotels and destinations.

And just to highlight that the Brits do enjoy throwing curve balls, the UK’s most popular cocktail remains the Porn Star Martini, featuring passion fruit vodka, vanilla vodka, passion fruit puree, orange juice, caster sugar, prosecco and a passion fruit garnish.

What do you think? Is this an exclusively British thing? Are suggestive names still happening in Australia? Is it time to ditch them? Share your thoughts below.

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