Peroni takes over House Bar with Aperitivo Hour and Peroni cocktails

Published on January 9, 2019
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Peroni has launched a month-long takeover of House Bar at Barangaroo House in Sydney, celebrating its most significant global brand makeover since 2005.

To celebrate the makeover, which includes a new bottle design and glassware, Peroni is hosting a nightly Aperitivo Hour at House Bar that pairs a curated snack menu with Peroni beer and Peroni cocktails.

Furthermore, the brand has partnered with Australian cult fashion label, Double Rainbouu to create uniforms and a venue takeover at House Bar, with subtle design flourishes a further nod to Peroni’s connection to style.

The Aperitivo snack menu is an exciting new offering for the bar and is available daily from 5-7pm from 1 to 31 May. Dishes include house made focaccia with smoked tomato sauce, fresh tomato, basil and olive oil; spiced fried calamari with roast capsicum mayonnaise; crispy flathead ‘sambo’ with garlic and lemon as well as mortadella with melon and olive oil.

The brand update was celebrated in style with an event at Smoke Bar – on the rooftop of Barangaroo House, two levels up from House Bar – on 30 April, where media and influencers got a first glimpse of the new bottle and enjoyed the specially curated Peroni cocktails.

May is a big month for Peroni in Australia, with the beer brand also the official beer sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week which kicks off in Sydney on 12 May.

The new bottle design is described as “elegant and sleek”, drawing inspiration from the brand’s “rich history” and includes an engraved signature of Giovanni Peroni, the founding father of Peroni.

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