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Capi Soda+

Capi’s Head of Innovation, Thurman Wise, is a man who travels the world, researching global trends and understand what it is that consumers are wanting.

Recent travels and research pointed Wise towards the global trend of moderation through considered drinking and consumers making the conscious decision to move away from sugary soft drinks.

He also saw that vodka is still hugely popular in the white spirit world, so armed with those two key elements he embarked on creating a mixer that works on the no sugar front and also as a mixer with vodka. The result is Soda+ a range of three flavours initially, with a view to expanding, which are Lemon and Basil, Blood Orange and Sage, and Grapefruit and Rosemary.

“People are really into no sugar, like really really into no sugar,” Wise said.

“As a result prepare to see a lot more citrus, fresh herbs, and fruits in drinks. In order to balance cocktails with limited sugar, our very own natures candy of fruits and herbs can really help to provide a balanced drink.

“That being said, expect to see fresh variations of Collins, smashes, and other takes on fruit and herb-forward bubbly classics.”

He added: “One of the biggest trends recently in my hometown of LA, is the return of the Vodka Soda and the emergence of the Mezcal Soda.

“While Vodka Soda hasn’t really gone anywhere with most people, I have noticed a lot of friends who normally drink whiskey, tequila and mezcal are starting to switch over to Vodka Sodas or Mezcal Sodas when going out on the weekend.

“Perhaps it’s about staying hydrated on wild nights out or simply saving spirits on the rocks for home or more mellow occasions.”

Capi has designed the Soda+ range to be mixed with vodka, however it does have range for mixing with spirits like mescal as well as gin, tequila and white rum. The range can also be consumed alone.

Capi’s CEO Emma Evans, said: “CAPI is always innovating and we took a step back to look at the entire beverage market globally. We travel frequently and were able to identify first-hand the gap in the market for the vodka soda consumer.

“The desire for a no sugar, natural, premium product exists but we believed it could not be a single flavour extension but an entire range – a range with a story behind it, flavour to satisfy customers and an occasion-based message to hit their social and entertaining needs.

“Australians spent more than twice as much on vodka last year than gin, so we’re excited to get Soda+ in to the market for summer.”

Wise added: “Working with citrus and herbs creates a balanced drink, yet the combinations we have played with provide an adult profile, elevating what consumers can experience when they make a simple vodka soda.”

The Capi Soda+ range is available for bars and venues across Australia now, contact your local Capi representative to find out more.

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