Sydney lockout laws will remain in place

In a move that has surprised no one, the government has offered a paltry 30 minute extension of the draconian Sydney lockout laws, that will apply to “live entertainment venues in Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross” only.

A statement from the NSW Government this morning says that it will “maintain Sydney’s highly successful lockout and last drinks laws and implement the key recommendations of the statutory review by Hon Ian Callinan AC QC”.

The statement reads: “As recommended by Mr Callinan, a two-year trial of a later 2am lockout and 3.30am last drinks will be allowed via exemption for venues that offer genuine live entertainment, live performances or art and cultural events.”

In other news, the government will “extend the liquor licence freeze in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross until 1 June 2018, with some minor changes to provide more opportunities for businesses to refurbish and improve their offerings to customers”.

There is some good news buried in the bad, with the government set to increase small bar patron capacity from 60 to 100 and “provide automatic extended trading to 2am for small bars in the CBD and Kings Cross”.

There will also be a new “provisional approval system” for low-risk venues, such as restaurants and cafes, so they can begin liquor trading as soon as they lodge an application.

Larger Kings Cross venues will however have to retain mandatory ID scanners.

Across the state, takeaway and home delivery alcohol sales will be extended from 10pm to 11pm.


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