Magical theme bar opens

With theme bars still having their place in the hearts of drinkers who love a good gimmick, a bar inspired by Harry Potter has opened in Toronto, Canada.

However, those expecting to get a wand as a cocktail stirrer or even an eye of newt in their drink, they may be a little disappointed. In fact, those who aren’t up to date with The Boy Who Lived, there is every chance that the magical theme might go entirely unnoticed.

The bar is full of subtle references – the logo is Harry’s stag-shaped patronus, a neon heart quotes the final line in the final book, and a smattering of cocktails are named after obscure Potter references.


For those wanting to raise a themed glass to the victory over He Who Must Not Be Named, there is Ludo’s Debt (lemon infused gin, Lillet Blanc, Aperol, lemon twist), The Shacklebolt (house infused gosling spiced rum, house made ginger beer, ginger ale, lime juice, ginger bitters), or share a Befuddlement Draft (gin, vodka, peach schnapps, blue curacao, cherry brandy, triple sec, ginger ale).

Those with more diverse nerd interests can also inexplicable order The Captain Picard (earl grey infused gin, agave, lime, tonic).


One of the owners was quoted in a local paper as saying that they deliberately hadn’t gone for an overt theme, but had put enough touches for book fans to enjoy playing ‘spot the reference’.


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