Recipe: Corretto

This recipe is from David Kaplan of Death & Co in New York, and was featured in the Death & Co takeover tour of three Australian Venue Co bars across the country earlier this year.

The Corretto is one of the signature drinks created for a bespoke cocktail and paired food experience in the bar takeover tour. Another signature, the Trust Fall, can be found here.



  • 30ml Vodka
  • 22ml Amaro Nardini
  • 7ml Coffee liqueur
  • 7ml Vanilla syrup
  • 22ml Coco Lopez
  • 30ml Cold brew coffee
  • 1 dash salt solution
  • 30ml Water
  • Toasted coconut flakes (to garnish)


  1. Short shake all ingredients
  2. Strain into old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice
  3. Garnish with toasted coconut flakes
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