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Much loved Melbourne bar, Whisky & Alement is bringing the bar experience to you, with an exciting tasting featuring new Scottish distillery Ardnamurchan.

The Ardnamurchan distillery was opened in 2014 by independent bottler Adelphi and the tasting will feature Ardnamurchan’s new single malt release, a Whisky & Alement single cask exclusive as well as three more special bottlings from Adelphi.

Whisky & Alement Co-Founder Julian White told Bars and Clubs: “Some of Ardnamurchan’s first whiskies since opening are just coming to maturity. They’ve had one or two batch releases and now they have decided to release some single casks. One of the first exclusive single casks they’ve ever released has been to us, so we’re really lucky to be sharing that with the world.

“The tasting is also featuring a couple of really interesting whiskies, namely a Starward by Adelphi. This is one of the oldest bottlings of Starward that I’ve ever seen, it was bottled at nine years old and it was bottled in Scotland. So it’s an Australian whisky that’s spent some time ageing in Scotland and being bottled over there, it’s a really cool whisky.”

The tasting will be hosted by Alex Bruce (Managing Director of Adelphi), Connal Mackenzie (Ardnamurchan Group Sales Manager), importer Ben Baranow, and W&A Events Manager Miranda Lidgerwood, and Julian added that the sessions are a great opportunity to catch up and talk whisky.

“Alex’s family used to own the old Adelphi Distillery which is a 19th century relic now, and his family had continued that lineage and they are back to owning a distillery with Ardnamurchan. So it’s quite momentous that they are back in the industry and back with mature whisky of their own,” Julian said.

“We’ve done a couple of weeks of these virtual tastings now and people are loving them. It’s great to be able to connect and chat with each other during lockdown. We lucky because a lot of these virtual tastings people don’t really get to interact with each apart from through a chat box. Whereas we’re doing full Zoom tasting where everyone’s allowed their cameras and microphones so they can see each other, wave to each other, hold up their drams and talk to it each. So it’s as close as we’re going to get to getting into the bar right now.”

Julian also said the trade are connecting with the tastings as well, he told Bars and Clubs: “When it’s a distillery like Adelphi we do tend to get more industry because it’s a new up and coming producer and they want to know more about these new bottlings and these early releases from the distilleries.”

The tasting takes place on Wednesday 29 May at 7pm, and bookings need to be made by 6pm Wednesday, 15 September due to Australia Post delays. Head to the Whisky & Alement website to secure your spot. And don’t forget to check out some of the exclusive bottlings that the bar has available through its online bottle shop.

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