Spirited Awards names its best Australian bars for 2020

The Barber Shop

While we can’t head to the bar, we can still certainly celebrate that Australia’s incredible bar scene has once again been recognised on the global stage.

The Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards has named its Regional Top 10 Honourees, these are what it considers to be the 10 best bars in each category. There are 10 named for each region – the US, Asia & Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean and Middle East & Africa.

Some of Australia’s finest bars have been recognised, for the awards, which are still aiming to go ahead.

The Barber Shop is one of the nominations for Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar, and on social media, co-owner of the bar Mikey Enright said: “Such good news, great work team we couldn’t do it without you. Congratulations to everyone nominated this year. We can’t wait to be open again.”

Amen to that Mikey.

Mjølner was another bar nominated, recognised as one of Asia & Pacific’s Best International Restaurant Bars and Speakeasy Group’s Alexander Dahlenburg said: “Mjølner is amongst some amazing honourees for ‘best international restaurant bar’ for Asia Pacific in the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for 2020. There are so many friends’ bars on this list. Way to go Aussie Hospo you legends.”

Speaking about the awards, Chair Charlotte Voisey said: “I have heard from so many bars and bartenders that this is the hardest time they have ever had to get through. First and foremost our thoughts and efforts are focused on doing what we can to help the industry.

“That said we believe the role of the Spirited Awards to celebrate excellence in the industry remains as important now as ever. I am delighted to see the regional lists come through filled with tremendous bars and teams all over the world.

“The regional round continues to allow us to celebrate more bars in more places each year.”

Caroline Rosen, President of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, added: “In unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to and celebrate our phenomenal community.

“These professionals have worked tirelessly for years, honing their craft and, really, taking care of others. We are honoured to take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions. Congratulations to all of this year’s regional honourees.”

For the full list of Asia & Pacific’s Top 10 Honourees see below, and you can head to the Tales of the Cocktail website for the full international listings.

Best International Bar Team — Asia & Pacific

  • Bulletin Place — Sydney, Australia
  • Cantina OK! — Sydney, Australia
  • DarkSide at Rosewood — Hong Kong, China
  • Hope & Sesame — Guangzhou, China
  • Jigger & Pony — Singapore
  • Manhattan at Regent Singapore — Singapore
  • MAYBE SAMMY — Sydney, Australia
  • Old Mate’s Place — Sydney, Australia
  • Sober Company — Shanghai, China
  • Tropic City — Bangkok, Thailand

Best International Cocktail Bar — Asia & Pacific

  • Above Board — Melbourne, Australia
  • Bulletin Place — Sydney, Australia
  • Cantina OK! — Sydney, Australia
  • Coa — Hong Kong, China
  • MAYBE SAMMY — Sydney, Australia
  • Native — Singapore
  • PS40 — Sydney, Australia
  • Speak Low — Shanghai, China
  • The Old Man — Hong Kong, China
  • The SG Club — Tokyo, Japan

Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar — Asia & Pacific

  • Black Pearl — Melbourne, Australia
  • Eau de Vie — Melbourne, Australia
  • Employees Only — Singapore
  • Hope & Sesame — Guangzhou, China
  • KOR — Taipei, Taiwan
  • Old Mate’s Place — Sydney, Australia
  • Opera Bar — Sydney, Australia
  • The Barber Shop — Sydney, Australia
  • The Baxter Inn — Sydney, Australia
  • The Odd Couple — Shanghai, China

Best International Restaurant Bar — Asia & Pacific

  • Bar Torino — Adelaide, Australia
  • Burnt Ends — Singapore
  • Caffe Fernet — Singapore
  • Capitano — Carlton, Australia
  • Continental Deli Bar Bistro— Newtown, Australia
  • Icebergs Dining Room Bar — Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Mjølner — Sydney, Australia
  • Restaurant Hubert — Sydney, Australia
  • Rosenbaum & Fuller — Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Sober Company — Shanghai, China
  • The Shady Acres — Hong Kong, China
  • Tippling Club — Singapore

Best New International Cocktail Bar — Asia & Pacific

  • Bar Margaux — Melbourne, Australia
  • Barbary Coast SG — Singapore
  • Byrdi — Melbourne, Australia
  • CLIPPER — Auckland, New Zealand
  • Happy Stan — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Isabel — Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Live Twice — Singapore
  • No Sleep Club — Singapore
  • Tell Camellia — Hong Kong, China
  • Will’s — Coogee Beach, Australia
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