Nikka Whisky targets the on-premise with new whiskies

Two Nikka Whisky Bottles

Nikka has launched a new collection of Japanese whisky, with the on-premise firmly in its sights.

The Limited Edition Discovery Series features two new bottlings of Japanese single malt: an unpeated Yoichi, and a peated Miyagiko. This is an intriguing reversal of the two distilleries’ traditional styles, with Yoichi usually peated, and the Miyagiko usually not.

The two whiskies were launched in Australia alongside a specially curated menu at Minamishima, a high-end Melbourne sushi restaurant, on November 18.

At the event, Nikka provided the statement: “The release of the Nikka Limited Edition Discovery Series of 2021 is the initial step to further showcase the depth of Nikka’s whisky-making developed over the years, and our attempt to keep progressing and share more excitements with consumers around the world.”

The Yoichi was served neat, alongside Binchotan dry-aged duck, whilst the Miyagiko was paired with David Blackmore Wagyu striploin, with each dish designed to enhance the richness of the whisky.

At the event, both whiskies were also presented in a series of cocktails, demonstrating their versatility to bars and bartenders. Minashima’s chefs also worked the spirits into both a chocolate and an ice-cream, suggesting further possibilities for venues.

Nikka told Bars & Clubs that “All Nikka whiskies are aimed more at the on-premise,” before expanding to say these whiskies were “particularly [targeting] cocktail and Whisky bars, such as the Speakeasy Group (Nick & Nora’s and Boilermarker House) and Whisky & Alement.”

The shortage of aged Japanese single malt is well publicised, and each release is limited to only 20,000 bottles worldwide. Nikka were unable to provide exactly how many of these bottles will be available in Australia but did comment that the whiskies were both older than their standard range counterparts, with a higher median age.

The Miyagiko Peated is bottled at 48 per cent ABV and is said to have notes of cigars, tropical fruit and chocolate. The Yoichi Non-Peated is bottled at 47 per cent ABV and is described as possessing flavours of “iron, salt and oiliness with slight hints of chocolate and nuts.” Both expressions have an RRP of $380.

Nikka is owned by Asahi and distributed in Australia by CUB, Paramount Liquor and ALM.

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