Never Never celebrates World Martini Day with ‘Jars for Bars’

Never Never is celebrating World Martini Day by launching ‘Jars for Bars’ a new incentive for bars across Australia that will see Australia’s first commercially available botanical cocktail onions available to bars ranging a Never Never martini.

The gin maker has collaborated with South Australian food icon Spring Gully Foods to create the onions, which are flavoured with the same botanicals that go into Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin.

Each jar contains not only Spring Gully’s famous pearl cocktail onions but also fresh juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and Australian pepperberry, the quartet that make up the base note in their gin.

“It’s a very rare day that you ever get to talk about an onion collaboration” says Co-Founder and Brand Director at Never Never Distilling Co. Sean Baxter.

“Spring Gully have been the home of the pickled onion since they first started producing them back in 1946, so when it comes to pickled onions, few can compete with the flavour, texture and heritage.

“I certainly should know, I’ve been drinking Gibson Martinis pretty much since I knew they were a thing.”

The Jars for Bars incentive aims to say thanks to those supporters who have been peddling Never Never martinis since their inception.

Those venues across Australia that range Never Never gin as a martini option will receive a 1kg jar of the Botanical Cocktail Onions for free, such is the brand’s ambition to spread the word on the tasty garnish.

“In my opinion the humble cocktail onion is one of the world’s tastiest martini garnishes,” said Baxter. “However, for whatever reason, it can sometimes be hard to find a bar that always has them in stock.

“We here at Never Never Distilling Co. always want to ensure that wherever we go in the country, we can drink at a bar that stocks Never Never Spring Gully cocktail onions.

“I mean, that’s why they are called cocktail onions, they belong behind the bar, not just rolling off the occasional cheese board.

“So if you already range a Never Never Gibson Martini or would consider it, we will personally supply the venue with the cocktail onions required to complete the famous duo.

“This is about taking two incredible South Australian products and putting them in every cocktail bar in the country.

“The jar contains a few hundred martini serves,” says Baxter, “or about two to three adequate staff meals when you miss your dinner break on a Friday.”

If you would like to be a part of the ‘Jars for Bars’ incentive and receive your supply of the Spring Gully Botanical Cocktail Onions, contact your local Proof & Co representative at ordersau@proofandcompany.com or get in touch with the Never Never team for assistance.

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