‘Morale is positive and we haven’t had too many Karens’

As consumer confidence returns to Sydney, bar owners and operators are able to reflect on the year so far, how they have coped and what the future holds.

At Ramblin’ Rascal and Double Deuce, Charlie Lehmann told Bars and Clubs that things are slowly but surely working their way back to normal.

“It’s a slow hard slog and every bum on a seat counts,” Lehmann said. “Morale in the bars has been positive.

“I think we are all thanking the non-denominational entity above or below that we still have jobs or we aren’t locked down again (sorry Melbourne).”

At the moment the bars are only accepting walk-ins, and Lehmann said that overall people are being understanding about the restrictions that are in place.

“People generally get it and comply,” he said. “We do our best to comply and we haven’t had too many Karen’s want to have a go at the rules in place.

“We are generally fed up with the restrictions but understand that it’s necessary to have till we get back to operating as per usual. Some of the rules implemented I can see becoming the new normal, such as checking into the venue.”

And as for how COVID has impacted things in the bar, he said: “They can’t dance on the bar top any more that’s for sure! When that happens again you’ll know we’ve won this war on COVID and good times.”

Interestingly he said that the drinking trends in both bars have remained pretty much the same with Double Deuce being more cocktail heavy with more spend per head while its shots and beer at Ramblin’, although more people are “claiming a spot and staying longer”.

Looking ahead Lehmann told Bars and Clubs what his predictions for the big summer drinking trend will be: “Huge on heavy style spritz, either Cognac or amaro based and also keep an eye out for cannabis infused booze or drinks. It’ll start off small but watch it explode clandestinely and then into the mainstream once it becomes legal.”

And finally, he has this message for everyone: “Go and support your mates! Wash your hands, cover your mouth and always… Don’t be a dick.”

Well put sir.

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