Last chance to join the Never Never Have I Ever Bartender Challenge

Australia is slowly reopening and we’re all beginning to venture out of our isolation cocoons. And what better way to mark the occasion than with the final week of the Never Never Have I Ever Bartender Challenge? 

The seventh and final task in the challenge series has been announced, and is explained by Never Never Co-founder and Brand Director, Sean Baxter.

“Our final challenge is about showing us your end of isolation celebration. Best celebration wins. It can be a drink, it can be you shaving your iso haircut, it can be you dancing in your undies, whatever you think works as the appropriate send off, just make sure it’s entertaining. Extra points for including Never Never,” Baxter said.

The hashtags for this week to upload on social media are #NeverNeverHaveIEver and #CelebratedLeavingMyCouch. Don’t forget to also email your entry to Never Never – entries for this one close June 1.

Baxter said: “We’ve been so excited to see the entries roll in each week, it’s been a real highlight of this time spent at home. We’re on the final leg now so we want to see as many people give it a crack as possible.”

There are some great prizes up for grabs this week, especially the $150 voucher to a local venue, depending on the location of the winner. With venues starting to reopen around the country, it’s the perfect time to win such a prize. 

Also to note this week is that the joint leaders of the challenge, Cam McKenzie and Clinton Weir, won’t be competing for the voucher.

“We’ve got two bartenders still in the running for the top prize which is a trip to SA to visit our distillery once it’s up and going. We still want to encourage entries for the final round however so the $150 venue prize won’t be available to those two as they battle for first and second. This makes it even easier to land the top prize for the round,” Baxter said.

“Show us your best celebration and win some epic venue experiences and gin prizes. Remember, make it fun, safe and entertaining.” 

McKenzie and Weir last week were among those who produced some top quality content last week too, featuring an impressive stop motion scene and an incredible array of citrus to garnish a person and their chair from head to toe.

However the winner last week was declared to be Lachie Hunter and Alex Brown, for garnishing Gollum with a pineapple in a Lord of the Rings inspired video. James McNaughton also received a special mention in recognition of his cat’s contribution to the cause.

Congratulations to everyone from last week, and good luck for this final challenge! I certainly can’t wait to watch the videos and get some inspiration for how to celebrate the end of iso.

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