How impressive is your flair?

It’s full steam ahead into the second half of the Never Never Have I Ever Bartender Challenge and the fifth task in the series has now been announced.

This week you are challenged to: “Flair with an everyday household item. Most impressive flair with the most challenging item wins.”

To enter this week, upload a video up to 30 seconds long of your interpretation to social media with the hashtags #NeverNeverHaveIEver and #flairbecauseIcare , then email it to competition@neverneverdistilling.com.au.

Bonus points will be awarded for including Never Never, and this week, Never Never have said bonus points will also be given for including your best fails and oh boy am I excited to watch these videos.

This week’s winner will get a $150 voucher to one of the challenge’s incredible partner venues across the country. Plus, you’ll go on the leaderboard to win the grand prize after all seven tasks – a trip for two to the launch of the new Never Never Distillery (after the pandemic).

As always, you’re encouraged to think outside the box and make your interpretation your own. Sean Baxter, Never Never Co-Founder and Brand Director, said it doesn’t even need to be skilled flair – it just needs to captivate the viewer in some way.

“Most bartenders can flair something, even if it’s done really badly, the most important thing is that it’s entertaining,” Baxter said.

“I once flaired a small miniature chainsaw. I wouldn’t suggest doing that. It was a little dangerous.” 

Baxter also talked about last week’s winners and runner ups and said “We’re always excited to see the new videos come in, I’m also blown away by the creativity of our hospitality industry.”

Last week the winning title went again to Cam McKenzie for his blind pillow bartender who served a cracking G&T, followed by runners up Damien Kos-Beckwith, Clinton Weir and Loic Mouchelin for their takes which featured expertly constructed pillow fort bars and pets.

Commenting on the leaderboard, Baxter said: “At the half-way point of the competition Cam McKenzie is sitting on top of the leaderboard however this week we’re throwing him a detour where he will be given his own task and won’t be a part of the main round.”

Interesting times ahead. We can’t wait to see what happens next! See the last week’s entrants below.

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