Why and how to get involved with Indie Beer Day

The Australian drinks industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic from all angles.

And throughout it all, one of the positives that have kept people going is this industry’s willingness to band together to support one another. We’ve seen it in many different ways over the past few months, and this week there will be another example that you can get involved with from inside and outside your venue.

This Saturday July 25 is Indie Beer Day, a time to celebrate the independent brewers of Australia (and their beers of course). It culminates in a nationwide synchronised toast at 7pm AEST, in a display of cheers to resilience, survival, and restrictions beginning to ease in some states and territories.

This will be the second Indie Beer Day to hit our calendars, after the success of last year’s event, and is especially important given the struggles that Australian breweries are facing after bushfires and the pandemic.

Last year’s Indie Beer Day.

Independent Brewers Association (IBA) General Manager, Kylie Lethbridge, said: “With restrictions eased in most states, we need Indie Beer Day now more than ever. We need the people who love and support indie producers to give our industry a much-needed boost in every way.”

“Many indie breweries are located in regional areas, so the loss of regional tourism and pub closures has hit them hard.”

Getting involved and supporting Indie Beer Day is easy. Your venue can host a virtual or physical event (like many breweries, pubs and bars have already signed on for) or it could create promotions and encouragement for patrons to try indie beer. Outside of your bar, it’s as simple as choosing indie beer when you’re getting a drink.

“Whether you’re buying takeaway beers, ordering your indie mixed pack online, having a small gathering with mates or heading to your favourite local for drinks, make sure you ask for indie beer and raise a drink with us at 7pm on the 25th,” said Lethbridge.

The beer industry will be celebrating in style in a number of ways around the country. In Sydney’s northern beaches, Modus Operandi is celebrating its sixth birthday with new beers alongside great food and music, while in Queensland, Straddie Brewing Company (pictured in header image) is launching their Point Lookout Lager and Bribie Island Brewing Company is opening for the first time after lockdown. Little Bang Brewing Company in South Australia is showcasing 21 indie beers on tap from around the country, and even lockdown won’t stop Melbourne – Killer Sprocket has takeaway specials all day.

Brewers certainly see now as a good reason to celebrate the indie beer movement, as you can see from this video below.

Wherever you are, there’s never been a better time to support local and say cheers to indie beer.

Register your venue, or find a participating venue, at askforindiebeer.com.au. You can also follow along on social media with the tag #askforindiebeer

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