Gift guide for Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day is an annual celebration of all the good work dads do – it’s a chance to say thanks and give back to the special father figures in our lives.

With the craziness that this year has brought so far, Bars and Clubs wanted to make it easier to find a good way to do this, so we’ve created this gift guide and wrap up of how bars can help you celebrate.

Get inspired, find the best gift or plan the perfect day in the following pages, with input from:

Treat dad from within the industry we all love… guaranteed to not find any socks or jocks here!

Along with the gifts in the next pages, bars are also doing some great things to help celebrate Father’s Day.

For example, Chianti and Bar Torino in Adelaide will be running a mediterranean tasting menu for both in-venue and at home. Venue manager Kayla Grigoriou said the family run business wants to bring a taste of Italy to the city when travel is impossible.

“This year feels like it has been long and difficult, so we have decided to celebrate when we can!” Grigoriou said.

She said that during a crisis like 2020: “Bars play that super interesting role of being a comfort blanket, a social gathering, an excursion out of the house/office, a way to support your community and to connect with your community. We are lucky to be in SA but also to be surrounded by a pretty amazing community. Our guests supported us during lockdown and continue to support us now.”

“Right now, we need to celebrate the small things and the big things, everything is a milestone and exciting – Father’s Day for us is going to be a bit of fun.”

Across the country, there are lots of other interesting things happening in bars.

In Queensland, 4Hearts Brewery in Ipswich are opening their Pumpyard Bar early to hold a very special ‘Breakfast in the Brewhouse‘ event, including two sittings of food, drink and live music. Meanwhile in Brisbane, Libertine shows the way to dad’s heart is through his stomach – putting on a five dish shared banquet for Ngày của Cha (Vietnamese for Father’s Day), and boy is the menu a beautiful thing.

If you’re in Hobart, Father’s Day could be the perfect time to check out the new Cascade Brewery Bar.

In Sydney, you could do something like go to The Clock to watch the NRL on the big screen, while treating dad to a family dog-friendly lunch or a whisky from their whisky room.

These are just a few ideas – try reaching out to your dad’s local and see what they recommend to celebrate the day. If restrictions allow you to, there’s no better excuse to support the industry while also appreciating dad (win-win!).

Navigate the gift guide using the page numbers below.

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