Get your garnish on for Never Never

The seven week Never Never Have I Ever Bartender Challenge has impressed us with creativity, humour and skill. The recently announced penultimate task in the challenge is looking for this same entertainment factor.

You are challenged to: “Garnish something in your house that’s not a drink. Most entertaining combination wins.”

To enter this week, upload a video up to 30 seconds long of your interpretation to social media with the hashtags #NeverNeverHaveIEver and #garnishedthecatbefore, then email it to competition@neverneverdistilling.com.au.

Sean Baxter, Never Never Co-Founder and Brand Director explained this week’s challenge and said: “Garnish something in your house, it could be the cat, it could be the fridge, it could be your bath. Make it fun, make it entertaining. This weeks winner takes $150 from your local partner venue.”

When thinking of how creative bartenders can get with fancy garnishes, the mind boggles at the possibilities of how to garnish anything in your home. Opportunities really are endless!

Plus, a $150 voucher is a great prize, not only benefiting the winner’s tastebuds and stomach, but also the venue themselves in a time when business is understandably tough. Partner venues are from across the country, including Big Easy Drinks where Week Two winner Cam McKenzie recently spent his prize (pictured above).

Last week’s winner of the flair task Clinton Weir also won a voucher for his dangerously skilful flair show from the backyard to the ironing board.

“Congratulations to Clinton Weir for his impressive work, anyone who is able to work a whipper snipper and an iron into the same routine deserves full marks,” Baxter said.

Impressive is certainly the right description – I’ve personally never been to a venue where the bartender flairs with a garden power tool (that was turned on by the way), nor have I seen someone pour a drink with one hand while ironing with the other.

You may also be aware that last week, robot and pillow bartender creator Cam McKenzie was given a separate task, the results of which are about to be revealed so stay tuned!

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