Bass & Flinders releases new ‘quintessentially Australian’ brandy

Victorian-based Bass & Flinders Distillery has released their exclusive new Distiller’s Selection Single Cask brandy, described as a true embodiment of Australian brandy. 

Head Distiller Holly Klintworth selected the cask for the limited release of just 140 bottles because of its unique character and the way it represented what the distillery was founded on. 

Klintworth told Bars and Clubs: “During our annual analysis of all our brandy stock we came across this cask of brandy which completely blew us away – it was rich, smooth, refined and tasted like a finished product straight out of the barrel. 

“We decided to set this cask aside – which contained lot 143 (year 2014, barrel no. 3) – to bottle into a limited edition release. Being a distillery founded in 2009 on the dream of producing fine Australian brandies, we really felt this cask encapsulates what we set out to achieve.”

The Distiller’s Selection Single Cask brandy, like all Bass & Flinders Distillery brandies, is characterised by “the melding of old world with new.” It’s made using the traditional Charente distillation methods using a pot still and gas flame, solely with bold Chardonnay grapes.  

“Chardonnay is a quintessentially Australian grape variety that we feel captures the essence of what our brandy sets out to achieve, reflecting the characteristics and aromas unique to its Victorian terroir,” Klintworth said.

“We really felt this brandy was a beautiful representation of how spectacular Australian brandy can be. Our Distiller’s Selection Single Cask Brandy is brandy in its purest form; we brought the spirit down to 48 per cent ABV slowly over time, and it is non-chill filtered to maintain incredible depth of character.”

The point of difference in the special release compared to the flagship Ochre brandy of Bass & Flinders Distillery, is that the liquid is sourced from a single cask, rather than a blend of different aged casks. 

However there is one important thing that both have in common. All brandies from Bass & Flinders Distillery use Chardonnay grapes, a unique element within the Australian brandy category, sourced from a single vineyard where the wine is made to the distillery’s specifications and quality expectations. 

While brandy might not be the most popular spirit behind the bar right now, Klintworth said people are beginning to get new impressions about the category, which is set to drive demand long term. 

“We are only at the beginning of a long and exciting journey into brandy rediscovery in Australia. We have such a rich history with this spirit, and the winegrowing regions and knowhow to really produce some fantastic products,” Klintworth said.

“Some might say brandy had a bit of a fashion crisis in Australia around the 60s and brandy is still sometimes thought of as a drink for the older generations, and not for the younger discerning generations who today are concerned with quality and craft. 

“However I think we are seeing perceptions change as quality brandies enter the market, proving brandy still has a place – maybe even for the top shelf – in Australia’s drinks cabinet.”

The Distiller’s Selection Single Cask Brandy is available exclusively from Bass & Flinders Distillery for $199.

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