Why you need to join the Australian Distillers Association

ADA Conference

The Australian Distillers Association (ADA) was formed in 2004 and it now has close to 200 members from across the country who all have the simple aim of promoting the wares of Australia’s best distillers.

While being a full member of the ADA does require a functioning still those people and organisations who want to see Australia’s distilling industry to continue to flourish are encouraged to become associate members.

Food & Beverage Media, the publisher of Bars and Clubs, recently became an associate member – we want Australia’s distilling industry to continue to raise its profile both nationally and internationally. One of the benefits of being an associate member is being able to attend the ADA’s annual conference.

The 2019 Conference took place recently in Kingscliff and if you ever wanted the opportunity to speak to hundreds of Australian distillers, understand more about their products and learn more about the science of distillation, you need to join the association and get this in your diary for next year.

Speaking at the conference about bringing more members to the ADA, President Stu Gregor said: “We would love more associate members and I think one of the things that is most likely to get people to join is making sure we have associate members at this conference. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from across the industry, it’s a lot of fun, a great price and it’s a great educational and informative opportunity.

“So let’s all of us spread the gospel. The association itself doesn’t have the resources to go out and tell every bartender, owner or retailer that they should become an associate member of the ADA. So if our members and associate member can speak about the association and this conference that will help.”

Australia’s distilling industry is one of the fastest growing and most diverse in the world with many comparing it to the Australian wine industry in its early days. Look at Australia’s wine industry and think how great it would be to really be a part of helping the country’s distilling industry to reach that kind of level.

Gregor adds: “We still have many mountains to climb, we have many more mis-steps to take but, the future looks bright, very bright indeed. As I am lucky enough to travel to drinking dens near and far, people in every corner of the world are asking about Australian spirits – what makes them so special, so unique, so damn delicious? And I always respond, that while we have a great many natural advantages in this lucky country, our greatest advantage of all is our people.

“People who have vision, stick to their guns are talented beyond belief, never take themselves too seriously and are never satisfied with anything short of the best.”

To me, that sounds like practically everyone that I have met in Australia’s bar scene, it is the perfect marriage and I am certain you all want Australia’s spirits scene to grow. I can’t recommend the ADA Conference highly enough, and all these factors are why you should join the association.

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