True Blue Old Fashioned

True Blue Old Fashioned

The team at Ramblin Rascal have created this take on a classic Old Fashioned, using Martell Blue Swift, a spirit made from 100 per cent VSOP Cognac finished in Bourbon casks, which is great for the season.

True Blue Old Fashioned


  • 50ml Martell Blue Swift
  • 10ml Spiced Pineapple and Vanilla syrup
  • Garnish: Skewer though marschino cherry on pineapple wedge.


  1. Syrup: 300gm pineapple cut into pieces (skin on, zero wastage), 300gm white sugar, 1 vanilla bean split down the middle and cut in half, 1 cinnamon quill.
  2. Mascerate in sealed container at room temperature, shaking whenever you walk past it over 24 hours. Strain solids for a spiced pineapple and vanilla syrup.
  3. Serve: Stirred down and served over a large rock in a double old fashioned glass

Photo credit: James Adams

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