The Vic’s new ownership on the inspiration behind the bar’s brand new cocktail menu

The Vic bar has a new cocktail menu.

The new ownership and management team at The Vic bar in Abbotsford has successfully launched completely new cocktail, wine and beer menus and believe they have managed to do so while maintaining the bar’s heritage.

Owner Adham Diab said while the venue recently went through a change of hands, the bar’s popularity has remained the same, which was evident at the recent menu launch.

He told Bars and Clubs: “The launch of the new menu was very well received. We had great feedback from a wide range of people, from customers to industry professionals.

“The feedback was consistent across the board and the cocktails when judged on both content and style were received to greater claim.”

Adham added that the menu’s new offering was created to include a variety of options that appeal to a wider demographic, saying: “We are biased in saying this, but all of the eight cocktails that we put out there were popular in their own way.

“We created a menu to suit every palate so there was something on there for everyone. The Hubba Bubba and Lychee Daiquiri were quite a hit with customers who liked sweet drinks, where as the Irish Italian and The Disorganised Bartender were appreciated by customers as well as industry professionals, due to the complexity of the drink.”

The Vic's new cocktail menu.

In addition to the appealing to a wider audience, each drink has been created behind its own story, readily told by the bartenders who now serve them.

“Each cocktail has a story behind it and how it came about. Each is unique as the cocktail themselves, and although these stories are personal to The Vic bar, we like to think that is carried through and shared through the cocktails themselves,” Bar Manager Jemma Hudson said.

“The one that I can share though is the naming behind The Disorganised Bartender. There was a misspelling of the word disorganised in our group chat, and we thought that would be a cool name for a drink.

“The name came about so we decided to come up with a drink that represented that name as well as being delicious.”

Adham added that the successful transition and launch of its new menu was largely owed to the hard work of The Vic’s newly appointed Bar Manager. With Jemma and Adham working closely over the past few months to refresh and renew the Vic.

“Part of the challenge has been to find that perfect place where we can not only maintain but highlight the heritage of the Vic, as well as add some change. The new menu reflects the characters of and collaboration the owners and the Bar Manager,” Adham said.

In addition to its new cocktail list The Vic also launched a new wine and beer list, doing its best to support as many local brands as possible.

Jemma said: “We run a very democratic ship where everyone’s input is not only appreciated but mandated. We are looking to continuously change, grow and challenge ourselves as a bar.

“We like to think that this is reflected in this menu, not only with our cocktails but with our new beer and wine lists.

“Being a small business, we love supporting local businesses where we can. We love to be a part of it and give back to our community wherever we can, it’s part of who we are.”

Adham also shared his wisdom with Bars and Clubs, saying: “Be true to who you are as a bar, as a group of people and as a community. Make sure what you do, always reflects that.”

The Vic is located at 281 Victoria St, Abbotsford and is open Tuesday to Thursday from 4pm to midnight, 4pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday with plans to open trade on Monday and Sundays shortly.

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