Talking sheep manure smoked whisky with the Aussie Spirit Podcast

There’s a huge amount going on in the world of Australian craft spirits right now, and one person who is well and truly at the coal face of that and who is doing tremendous work supporting the category is Kathleen Davies, the Founder of Nip of Courage.

What that experience has done is that it has exposed Davies to some of the incredible stories about what distillers and distilleries are doing. It is only right that she shares these stories with a wider audience, so she teamed up with PodcastOne Australia to create a brand-new series ‘The Aussie Spirit’.

The series showcases the rise of over 200 unique craft distilleries across Australia, where small boutique operators are taking on the big brands.

“Aussies have become more and more interested in the origin of their produce and how it’s made – it’s no different when it comes to handcrafted Australian spirits,” said Davies.

“As a national craft spirit distributor, I get to hear all the fascinating stories in the industry – this series gives Aussies the chance to hear about the unique processes from some of the biggest names in the emerging craft spirit industry too.”

The stories range from the Belgrove Distillery explaining how they are the greenest distillery in the world and how they use sheep manure to smoke their grain and produce whisky, to master distiller at Archie Rose in Sydney, Dave Withers, discussing how he has distilled spirits made of vegemite on toast and a meat pie.

Listeners will get an insider’s view of the 17.1 million dollar Australian craft spirit industry and discover the lengths craft distillers are going to, in order to stand out from the crowd.

The Aussie Spirit Podcast will be available to download for free on PodcastOne Australia website and app or Apple Podcasts.

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